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Questions tagged [texmacs]

{texmacs} is for questions related to the free WYSIWYW (What You See Is What You Want) GNU editing platform TeXmacs. Note that despite its name, texmacs is unrelated to TeX so questions that are purely about texmacs are likely to be closed as off topic.

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Global page breaking as in TeXmacs [closed]

One of the most distinctive features of TeX is that the line breaking algorithm is "global", as achieved by minimising a penalty over the entire paragraph. This is one of the most important ...
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TeXmacs crashes when open "grid panels"? [closed]

From the latest update of Arch Linux TeXmacs doesn't work very well. When I want open a "grid panel" (e.g. Format -> Color...) (e.g, select a Greek letter in Math mode from the suitable interface ...
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Creating hyperlinks in TeXmacs [closed]

In TeXmacs, I'm trying to insert hyperlinks that link to urls with the command \hlink and then I fill out the appropriate name and the url. But when I try to open the link in TeXmacs it yields the ...
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Presentations that don't take up too much time to create

I am teaching a course in the upcoming semester and am trying to settle on a way to prepare presentations as rapidly as possible. I have used LaTeX beamer for years, and have even contributed some ...
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How to write conditional equations with one-sided curly bracket in TeXmacs [closed]

Here is the photo. How to write conditional equations with one-sided curly bracket in TeXmacs? I tried inserting Equation and Equations. I didn't manage to insert the curly bracket. In LaTeX, it's ...
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texmacs enter latex source code [closed]

is there in texmacs an equivalent to the Ctrl plus L shortcut in Lyx where it is possible to insert latex code to get other tables than the table environments which are doable in texmacs by default?
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texmacs does not interpret commands [closed]

I started to use Texmacs. But the output contains non interpreted commands like the following. For \thispagestyle{empty} the output is I tried both: export to pdf and ps. Should be an easy ...
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Cleaning up TeXmacs LaTeX export

I recently found TeXmacs, and I find it excellent for quick note taking (for me, typing LaTeX is much too slow and messy for that). One of the reasons why I'm hoping TeXmacs will be useful for this ...
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