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Amalgamating a second texmf-local tree with my current texlive installation

I have a tarball of a texmf-local folder from a friend's ubuntu installation, that I'd like to amalgamate with my own texlive installation (presumably to texmf-local too). I imagine I can amalgamate ...
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What is the point of TEXMFLOCAL anyway?

So I'm doing my bimonthly install of jaxodraw (check it out!) on some machine or another, which requires the LateX style file axodraw4j.sty. I tried the thing I always do: # kpsewhich -var-value ...
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On a TeXlive 2022 installation for Linux, where do I put user-defined files?

I am running TeXLive 2022 on Manjaro Linux. I intend to standardize the fonts invoked as Noto Serif and have set up a file called NotoSerif.fontspec in $HOME/texmf with the following contents: \...
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package commercial fonts into custom latex package

For a corporate template I am building, I need to make the commercial fonts available, which our corporate design guide dictates. These fonts are availabe to me as truetype font files, which are ...
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Overriding texmf with graphicspath

I have a folder ~/texmf in which I keep locally generated packages useful in my work, or ones that I judiciously modify. I do this to protect against breaking things when I upgrade TeXLive on my ...
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initexmf --register-root=/path followed by initexmf --update-fndb on Ubuntu 20.04 terminal on Windows 10 fails to register bib file

I have installed MikTex for Ubuntu 20.04 on a Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 shell: user@machine:/mnt/c/Users/user/OneDrive/Documents/project$ sudo initexmf --register-root=/mnt/c/Users/user/OneDrive/...
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tfm files in local ~/texmf not found

I am trying to add the gray font to ~/texmf so I can run gftodvi, but I get the following error: $ gftodvi beta.2602gf gftodvi: fatal: tfm file `gray.tfm' not found. I am using TeX Live 2018 ...
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Finding tex packages with a local texlive installation

I installed texlive locally following this: I added to .bash.rc: export PATH="/my/texlive/install/bin/x86_64-linux:$PATH" export MANPATH="/my/texlive/install/texmf-dist/doc/man:$...
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Error: Windows API error 5: Access is denied. when trying to add a local texmf tree to MiKTeX

I've created a local tree for my packages: C:\Files\MikTex\localtexmf\tex\latex\sv and copied the package files (including svproc.cls) there, refreshed the filename database, refreshed the font maps ...
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How does the file name database, in MikTeX, resolve the files it catalogs?

I recently updated my MikTeX distribution (The new interface is really nice by the way, Thank You to the contributors/developers) and I got curious about the path resolution of files when compiling a ...
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How to install just the most recent tikzmark package?

How do I install just the most recent version of the tikzmark package? I tried to install texlive 2018, but it requires glibc 2.14, and my system (CentOS 6) only have glibc 2.12. I then installed the ...
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LaTeX Fonts with fontspec-package

Today i figured out how to use system-installed-fonts with the fontspec-package and LuaLaTeX. But i can't figure out how to use fonts, that are installed in my texmf-tree! The fontspec-Manual says (...
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where to install latest version of Libertinus from git?

I want to install the latest version of the Libertinus Fonts from into my local tex-tree (macOS)(/usr/local/texlive/texmf-local/). Therefore, I downloaded the ...
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Is it possible to install wrappers for scripts not available in the package distribution in a local texmf?

Is it possible to install wrappers for scripts not available in the package distribution in a local texmf ? I would like to be able to add some perl scripts (not present in the MiKTeX distribution) ...
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TexLive's texmf-local folder storing a lot of files (over 80GB!)

Using a storage scanning application I noticed that on my macOS Sierra a lot of files are being stored in the folder /usr/local/texlive/texmf-local. It seems that in this texmf-local some kind of old ...
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texlive 2017: local fonts not found

texlive 2017 on Linux. Commercial fonts are installed in /texmf-local . Under texlive 2017 the local fonts files are not found, while they are found under texlive 2015 on the same machine. Both ...
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