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Changes to textcase and LaTeX kernel in the June 2022 release affecting uppercased captions

With the June 2022 release of LaTeX, the case-changing commands formerly controlled by the textcase package have been absorbed into the kernel, as described in ltnews35, page 4. A result of this ...
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MakeTextUppercase broke for cyrillic

After the last TeXLive 2022 update, I was disappointed with the \MakeTextUppercase macro from textcase package for Cyrillic. I don’t understand what the conflict is, the package textcase has not been ...
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3 answers

String to lowercase and replace spaces with underscore

I am trying to convert a predefined string in a variable to its lowercase and replace the spaces to underscore. But it's not working. The new string after conversion is like this: ...
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Use a command with variables that uses \IfSubStr on the lowercased value of the input variables

[Similar questions] I looked at \lowercase with \IfSubStr and \StrDel but the suggestions didn't work. I apparently may have expl3 since I can use \newcommand. [Issue] I want to pass a variable to a ...
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How to make author name appear in small caps when using biblatex-abnt?

I've created a small example where I want to get the author name in small caps. The intended result is Knuth's (1984) but it is producing KNUTH's (1984). \documentclass{article} \usepackage[style=abnt,...
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MakeUppercase capitalizes fontspec feature names

The attached MWE does not work properly for \MakeUppercase alters FakeSlant to FAKESLANT prior to expanding \addfontfeature. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{fontspec} \setmainfont{Erewhon} \...
14 votes
5 answers

Examples of tricky case-changing

The LaTeX team are looking to improve the implemenation of case-changing in LaTeX (\MakeUppercase and \MakeLowercase, plus potentially integrating the textcase package). To help with that, I'd like to ...
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2 answers

Macro changing a string depending on letter case

I would like to define a new mathmode command such that: the input is a string s; the output is the same string where the font of each caracter has been changed depending on whether the character is ...
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Uppercase beamer frame titles containing math

I am trying to automate uppercase for frame titles in beamer in such a way that uppercase ignores all math-mode content in these titles. I have seen Uppercase Frame Titles, but the solution there ...
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Make most letters of named theorem name lowecase when referenced

In the source below I have a namedtheorem environment which, when used, displays, instead of the usual "Theorem", the value of the key name in its optional argument. That name has initial letters ...
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2 answers

Override small-caps \chapter locally

When I customise the \chapter format using titlesec as follows (important bit is the \bfseries for small caps): \titleformat{\chapter}[block] {\titlerule[1pt]\addvspace{0pt}\Large\scshape\...
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1 answer

sectsty underline and titlecap not working together

So I'm trying to make the format of the subsection be normal font size, underlined, and have title case. Below is an example, stolen from here: \documentclass{article} \usepackage[normalem]{ulem} \...
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1 answer

Upper- or lower-casing input based on the case of the first character

For some sequence of characters, I want to change the case of all characters to match that of the first. So for example, aBCD → abcd and Abcd → ABCD. My naïve attempt to do this in LaTeX3 did not ...
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Problem creating Glossaries

since some days I try to fix a problem using the glossaries package. However, until now, I can't solve it... Even a minimal example is already throwing an error: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{...
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