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thumbpdf not generating png thumbnails

I have tried to use thumbpdf to try and generate thumbnails, working directly on the pdf file, like this: thumbpdf cv.pdf This has worked the first time, and produced the corresponding cv-xxx.png ...
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What is »thumbpdf« good for?

I have seen here that a new version of thumbpdf is available. But I don't understand the manual here: If I open any pdf I produced with pdftex, it will have ...
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thumbpdf support for latexmk

I would like to use thumbpdf in my document and latexmk as build system. When I compile my document, I get following output: Latexmk: Missing input file: 'document.tpt' from line 'Package ...
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How can I use thumbpdf (perltex) with arara?

Good evening, as to my knowledge there is no arara-perltex-rule, so I can not use thumbpdf-package with arara. My background Idea is: using individual thumbnails, like the "yellow thumnail" in the ...
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MLA Package and Thumbpdf

I'm currently trying to set up a template for MLA format. There's one warning that never goes away, however: Package thumbpdf Warning: Thumbnail data file `Project*Name.tpt' not found. Does anyone ...
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