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Pgfplots: Draw time-series without missing data

I have time-series data which I want to draw with pgfplots. The data only covers weekdays, thus no weekends. Still pgfplots inserts new ticks for datapoints having essentially no data, this results in ...
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Minor log y ticks dissapear randomly

Does anybody know how to force y log minor ticks? In the following example, the ticks do show up: \documentclass{standalone} \usepackage{pgfplots} \begin{document} \begin{tikzpicture} \begin{...
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How to setup tikz/pgfplots to not put ticks labels outside the axis area?

I have the following figure: I want to remove the -5 tick label or any tick label that is outside of the axis area by default using \pgfplotsset. Is there any way to do that.
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Adding labels and ticks to chronodex

Upon @MS-SPO's suggestion, I've included the refactored code here. I still need to add some ticks, labels indicating time and nodes for hours (12, 3, 6, 9). I did figure out adding nodes but they aren'...
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pgfplot yticks missing depending on values of ymin and ytickdistance

I have the following minimal exmaple: \documentclass{standalone} \usepackage{pgfplots} \begin{document} \definecolor{mycolor1}{rgb}{0.85000,0.32500,0.09800}% \definecolor{mycolor2}{rgb}{0.92900,0....
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Connect 2 nodes with an arrow from different figures

I am trying to connect 2 nodes from 2 different figures; is there a solution? this is my attempt. \documentclass [conference] \usetikzlibrary{tikzmark, shadows.blur,arrows.meta,bending, shadings, ...
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Is there a way to center the output of this assessment table custom environment?

The custom environment is created in the answer by Niel de Beaudrap here: Assessment table. However I can unfortunately cannot center the table in my tex file. I have tried to use centering, \begin{...
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Error in grid of log scaled .tikz file generated by matlab2tikz

I have generated a tikz file by matlab2tikz. The figure has grids in log mode. However, it does not show the grid at 2x10^7 although xmax=3x10^7, as shown here: When I increase the xmax=4x10^7, it ...
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How to offset and fill extra tick labels with same size boxes

in the code provided below, I wanted the extra x tick labels to show up better by including an opacity filled box around the text so that the text shows up better with the boxes above the x-axis and ...
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pgfplots log axis to show linear style tick labels

I have created a semilogxaxis to plot my data, however I have problems showing the ticks on the x-axis the way I want. At the moment, the ticklabels are shown in the 10^n notation, however I prefer ...
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yticks right aligned

I have a problem with a tikz-picture concerning yticks. The plot contains two y-axes and it seems as if tikz cannot cope with that properly. I have already found this link (Aligning ticklabels in ...
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Control yticks using a mathematical formula

I am trying to define the yticks using a mathematical function of $ymin$ and $ymax$. Although the $y_{min}$ $y_{max}$ are known, I can't insert explicit values for yticks because I have to do this ...
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Reducing tick label size locally with the anyfontsize package

I'm trying to reduce the size of the tick labels for these figures. So far, I used the anyfontsize package, but got this behavior in which the left figure has the intended tick label size, but all the ...
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Setting y axis discontinuity at a certain value

I got the following diagram, that I want to make discontinous at a certain value, so that the "unneccessary" parts are skipped. I already tried adding an "axis y discontinuity", ...
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How can I make \newcommand work together with \ticknum

I'm trying to make a lot of different variations of PGFplots label styles so I'm trying to define different values and use \ticknum to pick one of them for example \newcommand{\x0}{0.3} \newcommand{\...
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Adding axis ticks to a PDF in Latex

I have been trying to find a way to add axis ticks and axis label on a PDF. Thus far I have only found a way to add the axis label. Could someone help me? I am trying to go from this: to axis ticks,...
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pgfplots: Reduce number of minor ticks in a log log plot

I want to reduce the number of ticks in my log log plot to exactly 3. But I can't tamper with the max space between ticks option, otherwise I'll lose the minor ticks on the y axis. I tried to give ...
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