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{tikzpagenodes} is about quesions regarding the tikzpagenodes pagage which provides special PGF/TikZ nodes for the text, marginpar, footer and header area of the current page.

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tikzpagenodes gives bad output on the arxiv

I'm using tikzpagenodes to detect text boundaries around my page (I use it in a more complex way than drawing this frame, but let's simply draw a frame for now): My issue is that on the arXiv, the ...
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How to show custom frame for every page?

I want to get an easy way to see the frames for main text, margins, and header and footer. It is easy to achieve this using showframe option in geometry package. However, this option shows the frame ...
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How to get decorative border to be closer to edge of paper?

Thanks to this answer, (to my own question) I've found a way to create a decorative border for my text using images. My problem now is that I want to make the decorative border farther from the text, ...
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How to create TikZ nodes that behave like the built-in `current page` special node?

How can I create globally named, page-immutable TikZ nodes, similar to the current page special node? I'll explain. The kind of node I'd like to create is globally named in the sense that it has a ...
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Text inside a rounded rectangle

My code: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{tikzpagenodes} \begin{document} \begin{tikzpicture} \node (example-textwidth-3) [draw, align=center, text width=16cm, rounded corners=4]{\vfill \...
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Center-align stacked molecules with chemfig

At right, the vertical arrow from ethylene to M is a coordination bond. Is it possible to centrally align the two molecules (ethylene and the solid catalyst surface), aligning their centers with the ...
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How to top center align text inside a tikz node

This is what my nodes look like: I would like to have all the text to be aligned at the top of each node. This is the code: \node[rec5, below=4.6cm of E] (G) {Umwandlung der Zustände in normierte ...
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How to draw the following picture on tikz?

Is there any way to do this without drawing every single circles?
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Position text next to rectangle in TikZ but allow it to wrap around

This question builds off of the one here: enter link description here However, my question is how do I wrap around the text? Here is what I am trying to do. \documentclass{standalone} \usepackage{tikz}...
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Add a number foreach level of the Tikz tree

I'm trying to do a states tree as follows. My actual issue is that I don't know how to add the number placed on the left side of the tree (as in the picture). The numbers are placed at the level of ...
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different behaviour lualatex and xelatex using crop and tikzpagenodes pckages

Using the tikzpagenodes package to position elements in the page, I noticed that when loading the crop package, XeLaTeX and LuaLaTeX have different behaviour. XeLaTeX incorrectly calculates the ...
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Tikz complex flowchart with custom shapes

I'm trying to recreate the "flowchart" below using Tikz. I was able to create the various shapes., but I've run into several problems: The page should be displayed in landscape, but the package ...
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How to let a node insert a new line if a text is long?

I'm designing a cover with the following code \documentclass[letterpaper, parskip]{scrbook} \usepackage{tikz} \usetikzlibrary{calc,shadows} \usepackage{lmodern} \begin{document} \thispagestyle{...
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Returning TikZ arrow across multiple pages

I want to have arrows between my marginnotes and I achieved this with \tikzmarknode. I've also fixed the issue with multiple pages (see this question). However, when I put in a returning arrow, to ...
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Good practice mindmap-like scheme

I want to make a scheme like this: I've started to work with tikz. Although I could make this in the way I'm doing it, I think it is not the correct way do make it. \documentclass[landscape]{article}...
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How to align floats to a grid?

I try to use John Kormylo's idea for grid typesetting. See: Text in two columns on the same level The command \resetbase works very well for nonfloating objects like equations or headings. But how ...
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Centering the center of two tikz nodes to the center of a page

Consider the following example: \documentclass[twoside, 10pt]{book} \usepackage[ paperwidth=6in, paperheight=9in, tmargin=0.75in, bmargin=0.75in, inner=0.75in, outer=0.75in ]{...
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Position a node with a variable-length sentence always at the same distance from the right margin

I'm using tikzpicture to write some text over an image. Does anyone of you know how to position a text node so that the last letter of a possible variable-length sentence (of that text node) is ...
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Make TikZ really use the current page

I want to put cards on pages, e.g. 4 cards per page of which I have a lot. These cards should be arranged as a e.g. 2x2-grid filling up the text area which will be set to the printable of the printer....
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A problem with \draw, line weight and tikzpagenodes [duplicate]

I'm having a problem understanding the relationship between TikZ line width and its relation to tikzpagenodes.sty. (MacTeX2017, updated in the last week.) When I use tikzpagenodes.sty as shown below, ...
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Define style in TikZ

I have the following code \documentclass[tikz,border=5pt]{standalone} \usetikzlibrary{positioning,arrows} \definecolor{babyblue}{rgb}{0.54, 0.81, 0.94} \begin{document} \begin{tikzpicture} % heads ...
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Large Quantity of Nodes Result in Overlap

When I use a large number of Nodes in Tikz, they begin to overlap (see screenshot below). I tried following the instructions in Overlapping nodes in tikz, but it does not solve the problem in my ...
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How to draw Proper path between nodes (1,0) and (2,3)?

\tikz[auto, thick] { \node[state] (23) {$2,3$}; \node[state, right=of 23] (33) {$3,3$}; \node[state, below=of 33] (22) {$2,2$}; \node[state, below=of 23] (12) {$1,2$}; \node[state, below=of 22] (11) {$...
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Using tikzpagenodes with crop package?

Using the code from Background margin fill for (first line of) section titles?, I have this MWE: \documentclass[10pt,twoside,openright]{book} \usepackage[ paperwidth=15cm, paperheight=20cm, ...
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(tikzpagenodes) Odd page header area east not the same depending on the order of standalone and changepage packages

The following MWE: \documentclass{book} \usepackage{standalone} \usepackage{changepage} \usepackage{tikzpagenodes} \usepackage{lipsum} % \newcommand\oddpageheadrule {% \tikz[remember picture,...
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How to draw arrows between colourboxes

I have written a Z specification and drawn boxes around the schemas. I'm trying to work out how to draw an arrow from schema to schema. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{zdra} \begin{document} \...
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How to change the size of the name of a node, in a tikzpicture

This is my code, in this code, the names of the nodes appeared very small, How could I modified this size? \documentclass[10pt]{article} \usepackage{pgf,tikz} \usetikzlibrary{arrows} \pagestyle{...
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How do I test for a new page?

I need to know when I change pages. I thought I had a solution using everypage. It works using \newpage, but not using \vspace. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{everypage} \usepackage{...
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Problem with tikzpagenodes and minipage

Using the anchors defined by tikzpagenodes inside a minipage produces unexpected results; this is not the case for the current page family of anchors defined by standard TikZ as the following example ...
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