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Tikzplotlib not outputting Matplotlib's PyPlot colour bars

I'm trying to output contour plots made with PyPlot to Tikz using Tikzplotlib, but the color bars aren't appearing in the outputted TeX code. The contour plots themselves aren't appearing either ...
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How to correctly place a subgraph inside a graph in a texfile generated by tikzplotlib?

Executing following code in Python generates a figure with a smaller subplot for clarity: import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import tikzplotlib x = np.array([1, 1.1, 2, 3]) y1 = np....
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How to parse NaNs from tikzplotlib

I am making plots in Python and then export them to LaTeX using tikzplotlib library. The problem is that tikzplotlib converts pairs with (at least one) NaN value to -- -- as shown below \addplot [...
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The node filled-color is blocking the node label of this graph

Background: I am using tikzplotlib to convert plt plot to tikz. I am applying it on a random graph network as shown below. Consider the following tikz code: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{tikz} \...
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Pgfplot overlapping plots

I currently used tikzplotlib from Python to generate the following plot in LaTeX. However, my current subplots are overlapping in LaTeX while they were not overlapping in Python (I used fig....
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How to adjust the size of the legendbox in Tikzplots if the content is bigger than the boxsize?

The title says it all. I have a tikzplot. I have a legend. And I have some content that is too big for the legend box. Please help. This is my code: \begin{figure}[H] \centering \begin{...
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twinx x-ticklabels not showing properly when input to latex document

I have a plot with two datasets, using the same x-axis data, so I want to plot this using the twinx functionality in python's matplotlib. To typeset the resulting graph in my latex document that the ...
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No colors in marks on pgfplots legend, using groupplots and standalone? [closed]

I'm trying to make an image with 2 groupplots, and a single legend. Issue #1 should be evident: the legend is showing up to the right of the plots, not below them. < This has been solved using a ...
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Vertically unaligned tikz plots

I'm working on a latex project and I use pgfplots for graphs. However, I encounter misalignment of them: I notice that this problem completely disappears if I delete the axes data of the green and ...
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pgfplot axis is offset

I have a plot generated from tikzplotlib & pythontex that I'm working on in a standalone document, to include in a larger document. The offset is present in both documents, and I do not know why. ...
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tikzplotlib settings do not match

I am trying to translate a matplotlib plot to tikz. This is fairly straightforward: plt.figure(dpi=100) plt.xticks([], []) plt.yticks([], []) plt.scatter([d[0] for d in towns], [d[1] for d in towns], ...
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Alignment of pgfplots inside subfloats when using tikzplotlib

I'm using the tikzplotlib code below to generate two Plots. I then place them in two subfloats. As you can see in the final latex output, the figure looks rather ugly with the two plots differently ...
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Standalone Tikz from tikzplotlib won't compile

I'm trying to compile the following standalone tikz picture I exported from a matplotlib python plot with tikzplotlib. It originally had over 4000 data points and I thought it might be related to that,...
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Density plot with log scale for z-axis in pgfplots or tikzplotlib

I am trying to make a 2D density plot in python using tikzplotlib. I need to have the colorbar (and corresponding z-axis) in the log scale. Here is the example of the figure in png that I want to have ...
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loading picture generated from tikzplotlib into latex changes axis on plot

I generate a plot with tikzplotlib. When I load the .tex file into latex it adds to my y-axis 10^-2 and I don't know why. Saving the picture as .png looks like(No 10^-2 above y-axis): Loading it now ...
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Setting axis x line* and axis y line* globally

I have encountered a "problem" to which I was not yet able to find a solution. If one exports a figure with tikzplotlib or matlab2tikz, the lines axis x line*=bottom, axis y line*=left, are ...
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