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{tilde} is for questions about handling the special tilde character.

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tilde above letter without changing font

I am writing a paper and am using a template where the author's names are in capitals, such as: \textsc{Robert Robertson$^1$\thanks{Corresponding Author:}, James Jameson$^1$, Will ...
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Redefining inline math, so it always proceeded by a non breaking space (~)

I don't like when inline math is typeset at the beginning of a new line. Is there a way to redefine the dollar sign so that Text text $i$. Text, $i$ text $i$ text. is automatically translated to ...
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Lowering superscript to match elements without tilde

Consider: \[ \mathrm{A}^{+}\tilde{\mathrm{A}}^{+} \] \[ \mathrm{Aa}^{+}\tilde{\mathrm{Aa}}^{+} \] Is there a simple way to lower the final plus-sign, so that it aligns with the first three? (This is ...
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How to get an inverted (or reversed) tilde on a math symbol?

How can we get a reversed (or inverted) tilde on top of a math symbol, in math-mode? I'm sure that this reversed tilde does exist in LaTeX (I strongly believe I have seen it before), but I'm yet ...
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