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{tools} is about the complementary tools needed to produce particular jobs. Note that it may not refer to any particular tool in a standard TeX bundle.

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LaTeX packages for use with revision control

I use revision control (Subversion, to be exact) to keep track of the edits to my LaTeX documents. Is there a LaTeX package that interfaces with revision control? Specifically, it would be nice to see ...
9 votes
6 answers

Are there tools for importing from CSV to BibTeX?

I'm seeking a way to get my books database, stored on Goodreads, into BibTeX form. As near as I can tell, Goodreads provides no support for this directly, but does provide for CSV export (on the right)...
140 votes
4 answers

Integrating Grammarly with online LaTeX editors such as overleaf?

Grammarly does not work with LaTex, but I believe it still can be helpful: I like to use Grammarly Chrome extension with an online Latex editor. I tried sharelatex, overleaf , authorea and verbosus ...
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1 answer

Coding non-trivial algorithms within TeX

This is kind of a hard question to formulate correctly, so forgive me if I have to clarify this question later. I want to draw a lot of somewhat complex TikZ diagrams, which to be done effectively ...
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1 answer

How to force latexrun to parallel build?

I have a series of independent documents belonging to the same thing, each having its own main tex file. I wrote a small Makefile to wrap latexrun. latexrun is fantastic, but if I try to build all the ...
149 votes
16 answers

Spell checking LaTeX documents

What's the best strategy for spell checking LaTeX documents?
35 votes
7 answers

Tool for generating a website's BibTex using the URL?

Is there an existing tool for generating BibTeX of a website using its URL? What I'm thinking is something like a web tool or a Python script that does this.
93 votes
7 answers

How to make Latexmk use makeglossaries?

Is there a way to make Latexmk invoke makeglossaries (part of the glossaries package)? Specifically I want to use latexmk to compile a LaTeX document that uses the glossaries package to produce a ...
7 votes
2 answers

Find and match corresponding arXiv preprints and journal articles

Many works are published on a preprint server such as the arXiv before publication in a peer-reviewed journal. Since the arXiv can be updated during the peer-review process, it is common to find ...
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0 answers

Tool to automatically convert handle into bib entry

There are on-line tools e.g., to convert isbn into a bib entry, or from doi to bib entry. I could not find any tool (on-line or off-line) to convert automatically links into bib....
2 votes
1 answer

Spell checking LaTeX documents in Windows

I'm looking for a spell checking software for LaTex in Windows. I know that such questions have been asked before but more than a decade has passed. Hopefully, there are better solutions out now. ...
122 votes
3 answers

How to best debug LaTeX?

..and I don't mean finding out why it doesn't compile, I mean serious debugging: breakpoints, figuring out value of variables at a given moment during run/compile, stepping, examining a stack (is ...
26 votes
4 answers

Is there such a thing as a LaTeX code formatter

I was looking for this a while back for JavaScript, but I was wondering a general purpose one exists for all, or most languages. For example for LaTeX I would put the following in a text box $f_i^k+...
70 votes
10 answers

Utility to Strip Comments from LaTeX Source

I've a LaTeX source. I'm ready %for submission %But first I would like to strip its comments. So I hope there are 100\% auto ways to get this done. \begin{comment} Because there are subtle ways ...
11 votes
7 answers

Live tex compilation

Tools like firebug allow a developer to immediately view the results of changes they make to the HTML of a webpage. Has anyone taken a similar strategy with LaTeX, so that an entire compile cycle is ...
173 votes
26 answers

Comprehensive list of tools that simplify the generation of LaTeX tables

Manually hacking tables in LaTeX is one of the less funny things when preparing a document. Naturally, there are quite a few tools that promise to simplify this. In fact, I have somewhat lost track of ...
3 votes
0 answers

Tikz learning: easy tools to help

Is there any app/site that can help/teach about Tikz? I am using Mathpix for mathematical formulas, I would like to have something similar.
57 votes
1 answer

How to insert LaTeX formulas in LibreOffice?

I am using Libreoffice normally, but I need have Gauss Matrix ( in Libreoffice . I found that Latex can do that. I installed Lyx on Ubuntu. How can I ...
151 votes
22 answers

What GUI applications are there to assist in generating graphics for TeX?

I found GeoGebra to be a useful tool to help generate code for graphs. I suppose there must be other tools to help draw diagrams such as Sets/Venn Diagrams or Electrical Circuits (Logic Gates). Which ...
0 votes
1 answer

LaTeX code in legend table in Qti-Plot

I want to use LaTeX code in the legend table of a plot in the qti-plot software. Does anyone know how one could e.g. write $4\cdot 10^{-5}$?
2 votes
1 answer

What is Texlive?

I’ve looked on the internet for multiple hours, but I can’t get my head around it. How to install new packages in the Texlive distribution?  I figured out that there was a package manager for this &...
1 vote
2 answers

A long text done with mdframed overlapped on the gray rectangle done with Mathcha

I have this code, \documentclass[a4paper,12pt]{article} \usepackage{tikz} \usepackage{xcolor} \usepackage{lipsum} \usepackage[framemethod=Tikz]{mdframed} \begin{document} \tikzset{every picture/.style=...
238 votes
20 answers

Compiling documents online

I have heard rumors that you can compile documents online, and more specifically that Google has a free online compiler, but I have never been able to find any. Is there a way to compile documents ...
29 votes
4 answers

Using Excel2LaTeX in Excel 2010

I just installed Excel2LaTeX in Excel 2010. I do see it in add-ins. However, I cannot find a way to operate it. That is, there is no change in the ribbon area after the package was installed. How ...
13 votes
6 answers

How to use a command-line tool to extract a bibtex reference that contains a search term?

I'd like to be able to use a tool like grep to extract an entire bibtex reference rather than just the matching line. For example, grep Smith mydatabase.bib would return lines that contain the word ...
13 votes
3 answers

Good tools for LaTeX maintenance tasks?

I have a big bunch of old to new LaTeX documents written by several independent people. I have to bring them up to date, modern and consistent, standardized LaTeX code. In these documents there are a ...
5 votes
2 answers

Adding a button in Toolbar in Winedt 10

I am using Winedt 10 and in its Toolbar some icon is missed. For example, I would like to use "Insert Environment" directly in "Toolbar" by only clicking on its icon as it was in "Winedt 9", and I do ...
8 votes
5 answers

Slow math typing

I have been using LaTeX for quite some time, but I find the math writing to be a bit frustrating. It seems to take me a relatively long time to code-write long math expressions, and sometimes it's ...
10 votes
3 answers

What tools are there to make LaTeX more viable at work

I do data mining in R, Python and various object oriented languages. I like using LaTeX to present my results; either to myself (i.e. use them for result interpretation/analysis) or to send to ...
75 votes
14 answers

How can I use LaTeX from Python.

I need to generate documents from a web application and would like to do this using the Python language and LaTeX, are there any tools that will help me? Edit This Application will be hosted on Linux,...
1 vote
2 answers

Automatic LaTeX code formatting (similar to clang-format)

There are tools such as clang-format that take e.g. an "ugly" (unformatted) C++ source code file and apply specific indentation and other rules to make the code more readable. Is there such ...
6 votes
6 answers

Commutative diagram generating app

There are various types of commutative diagrams in mathematics, but several of them are the most common place. For example, a square (with 4 objects), a right triangle (with 3 objects), two adjacent ...
150 votes
26 answers

Tools for automating document compilation

A lot of people write makefiles that say something like paper.pdf: paper.tex pdflatex paper bibtex paper pdflatex paper pdflatex paper To handle re-running TeX to get ...
0 votes
0 answers

A program for quick and easy typesetting of formulas in latex

Is there an additional toolbox for a simpler set of formulas in latex? After all, it is difficult and not visual to type this using symbols. Also interested in the same for creating tables. It ...
15 votes
2 answers

Best Windows tool for managing .bib files to be later processed by biblatex?

I think this topic is not specifically covered by any of the existing questions about biblatex. Sorry if I am wrong. I am planning to use biblatex to include and manage references in my LaTeX ...
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0 answers

Merging multiple tex files into one standalone tex file [duplicate]

Suppose I have two tex files, document.tex and content.tex document.tex: \documentclass{article} \begin{document} This is some content. \input{content.tex} \end{document} content.tex: This is ...
1 vote
0 answers

Tool from unicode to LaTeX or to generate a LaTeX code that trasform a unicode symbol to LaTeX

I am currently looking for a tool that converts unicode code to TeX/LaTeX language. Actually I have not found nothing. There are many tools on the web that trasform the symbol from LaTeX to UNICODE ...
39 votes
3 answers

How to build my LaTeX automatically using Travis CI?

How to do I build my LaTeX files with TeX Live using the continuous integration server Travis CI to which I push with git, especially considered that I do not want to download everything of TeX Live ...
1 vote
1 answer

Given this TEX file of a book with typos, how might I produce a corrected version. What tools and supporting packages are necessary or useful?

I am not very experienced with the details of processing TEX. I just use it for mathjax, and a few short missives, from time to time. The book is Space—Time—Matter, by Hermann Weyl, found here in ...
152 votes
4 answers

When and why should I use % !TEX TS-program and % !TEX encoding?

Occasionally, I see other people's documents starting with two lines like that: % !TEX TS-program = xelatex % !TEX encoding = UTF-8 Unicode It's clear to me that the first line declares the engine ...
20 votes
4 answers

What parsers for (La)TeX mathematics exist outside of the TeX engines?

Inspired by the author's motivation for asking Is there a BNF grammar of tex language. Are there any well done libraries that can parse some subset of TeX mathematics independently of the TeX engine? ...
2 votes
2 answers

Stable alternative for

I'm looking for an alternative for which is stable. Is there any?
2 votes
0 answers

How to make accessible pdfs with ConTeXt/LuaTeX and open-source tools

I recently watched this talk about PDF accessibility in LaTeX, and I was wondering how well it was supported by ConTeXt/LuaTeX. From what I've gathered, LuaTeX makes it easier by using UTF8 and TTF ...
12 votes
4 answers

Embeddable in browser LaTeX editor/compiler plugin?

I am currently in the writing of an online LaTeX tutorial and I was wondering if it was possible to have something similar to but for compiling and editing on the fly simple LaTeX ...
82 votes
5 answers

Is there a program equivalent to lint for LaTeX?

Is there a program equivalent to lint for LaTeX? (lint checks C code for syntax errors and possible mistakes.)
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0 answers

Is is possible to convert an image to a tex formula? (Free vs paid) [duplicate]

Is it possible to convert an image to a tex formula? I would like to know free and paid solutions (which of them free and which of them paid). Thank you!
1 vote
0 answers

MathJaX, Javascript, software LaTeX to create a .tex file similar of a video online?

I formulate this question because I am very curiosity how this video in Italian language has been realized with LaTeX or I think MathJaX with drop-down menus and graphics. Some users can kindly give ...
5 votes
0 answers

Teaching with LaTeX during a Pandemic: corrections on a file pdf [closed]

I should correct my students' handwritten exercises that them send me with a .pdf file for distance learning due to the closure of schools in Italy and I don't know for how much longer. I'm using or ...
4 votes
1 answer

Converting C-like math expressions to LaTeX

Is there any (open source) solution for converting math expressions from a C-like expression syntax to LaTeX? When I say "solution", I mean either from outside LaTeX (i.e: an external program that ...
29 votes
4 answers

Compiling (La)TeX files automatically with GitLab CI

Inspired by this question about compiling LaTeX files with Travis CI: How can GitLab's integrated CI feature be used to build (La)TeX documents?

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