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{urlbst} refers to a script to add a webpage {bibtex} entry type, and add support for general url and lastchecked fields, to BibTeX .bst files.

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Bibtex: adjust bst to include doi as link only?

I would like to have the doi shown in the bibliography as a single link, i.e. it should be shown as an hyperlink with title doi instead of printed as doi:10.1038/s1231. I found the nice urlbst, which ...
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Enabling authoryear citation style with urlbst

I like how urlbst handles preprints and DOIs in the bibliography. However, I noticed that none of the default urlbst bibliography styles are capable of producing author-year citations. Whenever I try ...
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Modifying plainurl bst file to add other preprint servers

I'm rather new to this and I'm trying to modify the standard plainurl bst file to add other links on top of the usual ones (arxiv/doi/pubmed/url). By mimicking exactly what appears in the file I'm ...
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How to include URLs with ecta style?

I am using ecta (Econometrica) style for references. I want to include URLs with them but ecta style does not support it. I tried using note and howpublished but it appears the ecta style overrides ...
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Compact bibliography with url links

I am trying to make my bibliography style similar to this one: With very compact referencing and hyperlinks to papers. I can't find a way to do this which is this compact. I am using natbib with .bst ...
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How to cite a URL in Latex if I do not write explicitly the URL?

I want to cite a URL with name IIT Kharagpur but when I click on the hyperlink it should open the link in my browser.
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urlbst.sty missing

I want to use package urlbst to be able to use @webpage in my bibliography. I have installed the using MiKTeX. The issue is that TexWorks gives me an error saying that urlbst.sty is missing. I have ...
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Hack of .bst to add urldate in @misc in BibTex with natbib

Trying to add urldate to my bst-file. I have the entry as: ENTRY { address ... url urldate ... year } With the two functions defining url and urldate: FUNCTION {format.url} ...
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model2-names.bst, unpublished reference and cites in the footnote

I am using model2-names.bst for the bibliographical style format. But I have found a couple of problems when using it. First, when I include an unpublished reference, with the web page where it is ...
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Receiving the message error "{" immediately follows a field part---line" [closed]

I use bibtex and my bib file looks like @article{Bohm, title = {Discussion of Experimental Proof for the Paradox of Einstein, Rosen, and Podolsky}, author = {Bohm, D. and Aharonov, Y.}, journal =...
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show urls only for webpages using bibtex and urlbst

I used urlbst package to modify a .bst file for URL inclusion. All worked good, but if I want the url only for the webpages, how should i modify the .bst? From what I read the response should be in ...
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