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Questions tagged [varioref]

{varioref} is a package providing commands for cross-referencing that distinguish whether the target is on the same page, an adjacent page or further away and modify the reference text accordingly.

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Context sensitive cross reference using Cleveref and Varioref

I am blocked to make a command (called \pref{<cross-reference>}) for cross-references using cleveref and varioref. I would like it to be able to adapt to the context : First, I would like to be ...
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Conditional pageref for labels that are in another section and on a page far away

Currently I am experimenting with the cleverref and the varioref package. These packages are great, however, I would like to have a reference command with the following subtle behavior: If the label ...
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What is a robust user-defined way to define cross-references and adjunct values that work inside and outside environments?

This question is a follow-up on these two Why does \zifrefundefined fail on tcolorbox reference? \@nameuse fails on definition within tcolorbox What I want to achieve: I want to have an environment,...
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