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{viewers} are GUI tools to render or visualise the .dvi, .ps and .pdf files generated after a LaTeX or pdfLaTeX compilation. Its synonymous tag is {pdf-reader} for PDF viewers like Sumatra or Acrobat X.

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WinEdtPDF giving invalid floating point exception after reboot (PC, Win 10/11, WinEdt 11.1)

I have been using the WinEdtPDF viewer with WinEdt V11.1 without issues. However, immediately after a reboot it now reports: Exception ElnvalidOp in module WinEdtPDF.exe at ...
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hyperref links visible on pdf-reader but printed black doesnt' also work for acronyms

I'm using hyperref for clickable links in my document and acro for acronyms. I aim to retain colored links in the PDF viewer, either with colored rectangles or colored text. However, I don't want to ...
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Cursor type in Texstudio pdf viewer panel

Now here is a potentially stupid question about something that has really been annoying me recently. In the pdf viewer panel in Texstudio, there are two buttons in the toolbar that change your type of ...
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TeXstudio preview consistently two slides behind cursor

I'm working on a set of beamer class slides in TeXstudio. Usually upon compile, the preview slide visible on the right will be at the position of the cursor - instead, for me, it consistently jumps ...
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latex workshop: is there a way that viewer follows editor and the other way round

I use latex workshop on VS code combined with okular, but I would not mind using the internal viewer. I use forward search and backward search. My question is, whether there is a way to make the ...
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Why does this code generate a DVI file that can't be opened?

I am generating a .DVI file with MiKTeX, that can't be opened. By looking online, I found this reply: suggesting the problem could be related to PostScript. ...
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Can you control the PDF description that shows in browser tabs?

I've taken to using browsers as my go-to PDF viewer over the last few years and I've noticed that most TeX documents have an issue with the title as it appears in the browser. The title seems to be ...
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Is there a way to visualize SyncTeX anchors in the PDF?

Forward and reverse synchronization between the TeX source and the PDF output using SyncTeX is an immensely useful tool when writing larger documents. Sometimes, especially when the synchronization is ...
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Are background color and border color supported for pdf forms?

I'm playing a bit with the new l3pdffield-testphase. \RequirePackage{pdfmanagement-testphase} \DocumentMetadata{uncompress} \documentclass[varwidth, margin = 5pt]{standalone} \usepackage{l3pdffield-...
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How can I view/check all alt texts in my PDF file?

I wrote a paper using the acmart class and took care to write meaningful alt texts using its \Description command. However, I want to check whether they got compiled correctly, as I am not sure how ...
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"Error: Could not start the command" when trying to view externally as a PDF

I'm using TeXstudio, and everything compiles fine within the application, but when I click on the "external viewer" button, it says "Error: Could not start the command." It's ...
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Hyperref Label Appearing in PDF Viewer's Table of Contents

I'm having a problem with hyperref and having the labels for my sections appearing in my PDF viewer's table of contents. The document itself looks fine, but (for example) when I look at the table of ...
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(How) Can I make a page which is the only page on a printed sheet?

I want to make a PDF document which have no blank pages when viewed or printed single-sided. But when printed double-sided, the first page (the cover) should be the only page printed at the first ...
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Playing movie in beamer using multimedia

I try to include movies in my presentations. I tried the multimedia package and the media9 package. I also tried Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader, PDF xChange and pympress as PDF reader. The only working ...
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Annoying magnifying glass color after texstudio update

I have just updated texstudio to version 4.4.1 and after the update the magnifying glass changed its color: It can not be seen clearly from the picture, but the magnifier is white and ...
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Texmaker's built-in PDF viewer is blurry

I have the same problem described here Built-in PDF viewer of TexMaker is blurry, but none of the suggested fixes worked for me (some of them are not applicable as I am on a MacBook Pro running macOS ...
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How to tweak pdftex so that it does not generate pdf metadata?

Due to latex using fonts with character codes different than that of UTF-8 as well as a small fraction of people not using UTF-8, in some workflows, the file name of the pdf and/or the title/creator ...
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How to have a 'live' view of PDF open in Linux? [duplicate]

My process is: Revise tex file. Compile tex file. Open pdf file in mupdf (a lightweight PDF viewing software) to check if revisions worked. Close mupdf and repeat. Is there any software that allows ...
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How to enable security features for my document in Latex [duplicate]

I want to know if it is possible to impose security features on my document such as locking editing, printing, commenting, copying, etc in Latex. Is there any way to do this in Latex or do I need an ...
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Control TOC metadata passed to PDF viewer TOC?

I am using some special characters in the names of some of my sections and these show up in the document's TOC. The PDF looks great, just how I want. However, when I open the PDF in my browser, the ...
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How to use my browser as a pdf viewer on LaTeXTools?

I hope this is the right community to ask this question. (If not, please direct me to the correct community.) I was wondering how I can configure LaTeXTools on Sublime Text 3 so that the compiled PDF ...
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Yellow stripe on the header of the frame (TexStudio)

I have recently downloaded TexStudio, and imported my project from Overleaf into it. Now, when I run the preview, I get the following behaviour: The part, where the header was supposed to be, has a ...
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Latex PdF viewer swaps even and odd pages

I've just updated TeX and doing so seems to have introduced a weird quirk that happens when viewing a .pdf through the Tex PDF viewer. I have my Tex PDF viewer set to view 'Two pages' and after ...
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In Emacs AUCTex how can I change the pdf output viewer to use the doc-view-mode inside Emacs?

I am using Debian 11 and would really like to be able to use a internal to Emacs PDF viewer, as it seems it can be acomplished with doc-view-mode inside Emacs, there are some posts about this from ...
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evince does not show font names in PDF files anymore [closed]

First of all, this is a duplicate post of the equally named thread on However since there has been zero activity and that site is arguably less helpful (especially in relation ...
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Read-out-loud and mathematics

If a reader has a vision disability, ADHD, dyslexia or some other learning disabilities, it is common to use read-out-loud tools (such as EasyReader, TorTalk, Claro read, Natural readers, and also ...
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Why does Acrobat Reader under MacOS display the wrong size of media generated with the media9 package?

I regularly include media by means of Alexander Grahn's nice media9 package. In particular I include .u3d-files. Recently I experienced that Adobe's Reader under MacOS doesn't display the included u3d-...
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Beamer table of contents jumps to the wrong slide [duplicate]

Consider the following beamer presentation, saved in a file named Presentation.tex. % arara: lualatex % arara: lualatex \documentclass{beamer} \mode<presentation> { \usetheme{Warsaw} \...
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Open LaTeX PDF file in Skim from Visual Studio Code

I am trying to open my PDF document with Skim from Visual Studio Code. I would like the View LaTeX PDF file command to open in Skim my PDF document and update it automatically. Unfortunately, when I ...
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PDF viewer (Skim) not opening or updating on build with Sublime Text 4 and LaTeXTools on Mac

I recently downloaded the new Sublime Text 4 version on a Mac and manually set up LaTeXTools, MacTeX, and Skim using the documentation provided here:
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Lato font not separating letters ft and ti

I am using the Lato font for a document, but whenever the letters "ft" and "ti" are next to eachother, this font cannot separate the characters. When doing a copy-paste of the word ...
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How to configure Adobe Reader DC to open full-screen?

I have TeXnicCenter 2.0 configured to use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC but Adobe opens the PDF file with magnification of 56.9% and also includes bookmark tabs on the left side and another Adobe tab on the ...
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Is there a LaTeX package available for robust rendering of tables in pdf?

Four years ago, David Carlisle sketched in this answer a way to mitigate problems with the pdf rendering of lines in cloloured tables. My question: Is there now an available LaTeX package implementing ...
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problem creating tex from tex because of missing space

I have saved a name in \Name. It is ABC. So actually I wrote both possibilities this one \immediate\write\file{\read\noexpand\NoFile to \\Name} and this one \immediate\write\file{\read\noexpand\...
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TexnicCenter - view output [duplicate]

I want to view the PDF output from TeXnicCenter with Sumatra instead of Adobe Acrobat. How can I change the configuration of TeXnicCenter accordingly?
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How to make vector arrow show up in the PDF text layer correctly?

Feeding the input %%% No PDF compression so that you can read PDF as plaintext as possible: \edef\pdfcompresslevel{\pdfvariable compresslevel} \edef\pdfobjcompresslevel{\pdfvariable objcompresslevel} \...
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Strange artefacts in PDF output with cm-super package

The following code: \documentclass[11pt,a4paper]{article} \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \begin{document} \textbf{U} \end{document} Compiled without the cm-super package, produces a PDF, which in Adobe ...
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How to fix Zathura showing blank pages in compiled two page LaTeX document? [closed]

Here is the minimal LaTeX file that can be used to produce the problem (on my computer): \documentclass[12pt]{article} \usepackage[shortlabels]{enumitem} \usepackage{algpseudocode} \usepackage{...
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Texstudio focusses by default on the internal pdf viewer (windowed) when I call build and show. How can I change this?

I would like to stay focussed on the editor when pressing F5 (build and show). Is this possible? My current command is txs:///view-pdf-internal --windowed. Do I need to pass a new flag to the pdf ...
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Searching in pdf file

I'm not 100% sure whether this is a question for this site, but as the base of the code it tex I'll post it here. I have a simple file: \documentclass{book} \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \usepackage[utf8]{...
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Avoid different page numbers in viewer software and on when using frontmatter

The problem should be clear with this MWE: \documentclass{scrbook} \usepackage{blindtext} \usepackage[unicode]{hyperref} \begin{document} \frontmatter \chapter*{Frontmatter} \blindtext \...
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Arbitray link on pdf viewer sidebar

I'm using KOMA-Script with hyperref, and it wonderfully adds the table of contents in a navigable drop down tree on pdf viewers. I would like to add "arbitrary" lines in here. I would like ...
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Difference in pdf output quality

I noticed that viewing the documents I compile with latex on the Adobe Acrobat viewer, the result seems to be higher quality - i.e. the characters look more defined, somewhat more "crisp" - ...
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TeXworks pdf not refreshing

I am running MikTeX 2.9 and TeXworks 0.4.6 under Windows 10. I have a TeX document and the corresponding pdf open side by side. When I compile the TeX document (with pdftex) I want the pdf to ...
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Zathura not opening hyperlinks

I am using neovim with zathura as my LaTeX editor. I am using the hyperref and URL packages to insert a link to a website. I know zathura has recognised the hyperlink because it places a box around it ...
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Change the on-click link colors with hyperref

Consider the following MWE: \documentclass[10pt]{report} \usepackage[hidelinks,draft=false,linkcolor=black,pdfusetitle,pdfdisplaydoctitle]{hyperref} \begin{document} \tableofcontents \chapter{...
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Why Acrobat 11 does not show SWG animation?

I am using media9 package to import SWG animations to PDF file. E.g. \includemedia[ width=\textwidth,height=0.539930555556\textwidth, % scale=1.4, activate=pageopen, %addresource=Video/...
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Unable to convert latex to pdf - Overleaf

I am using Overleaf to create my resume with LaTeX. When I compile the code, the preview is totally fine, and so is the pdf obtained from it when viewed on a laptop or IOS phone. However, when it is ...
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PDF output works in an embedded window, but not in the separate window

I have the following problem. When I want to display the PDF output in the separate window it doesn't work, however when I just choose the embedded window it works. I attach the screenshot of the ...
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Hide certain elements when printing a document

For some reason, I wanted to insert a notice to users that they can click on certain elements in my PDF document. However, this notice should not appear when the document is printed on paper, as it's ...
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