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xesearch is a string finder package for `XeTeX`; applications may be check spelling, word counting, and syn­tax highlighting of pro­gram­ming lan­guages

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xesearch error dealing with itemize (\item)

I figured out a minimal working example. If \item good has the same starting word in the search list, the document doesn't compile. If I write something like \item foo, the document compiles. \...
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How to search for a phrase that includes a comma using xesearch?

I am using xelatex and trying to italicize a text segment that includes a comma. The only way ahead that I know of is by using xesearch and its command SearchList. It works for the most part, but if ...
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Spotting strings that are typos in "text mode" but that are right in "math mode"

My copy editor work is largely dedicate do spot typos. I have a kind of typos formed by strings like, e.g., ".", ",", ":"... (a space before a punctuation sign) that we consider typos in text-mode (...
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Error automatically apply special formatting to selected words in text (XeLaTeX) [duplicate]

I need to color a specific word in my document compiled with XeLaTeX engine, following this answer automatically apply special formatting to selected words in text. \documentclass{article} \...
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wordcount with xesearch errors

I'm using some code I found here on stackexchange to count words in a LaTeX document. I'm using TeXLive on a Mac and using XeLateX to produce the pdf document. It produces a pdf, but with an error ...
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XeLaTeX ligatures clash with package xesearch

I am using XeLaTeX to compile a document in French, using the fontspec package (with the Ligatures=TeX} option) and babel package (with the french option on). The problem: the endash and emdash ...
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Is there a way to have xesearch search and replace a term and have the replacement compiled as LaTeX command?

I have used the package xesearch xesearch in my header to automatically replace shorthand notations: \usepackage{xesearch} \SearchList{list1}{Very Long ...
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Re: inserting a counter value that preceeds the counter environment in a latex document?

I am using the following macro to count the number of words in a journal article: \usepackage{xesearch} \newcounter{words} \newenvironment{wordcount}{% \setcounter{words}{0} \SearchList!{...
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Convert all all-caps words to small caps

I'd like to turn all all-uppercase words, acronyms etc. into small caps, preferably automatically on the fly and without changing the source files. The ideal solution would also allow me to block some ...
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Word count and 'TeX capacity exceeded'

I use this piece of code in the preamble, obtained from Environment that counts words inside: \usepackage{xesearch} \newcounter{words} \newenvironment{assignment}{% \setcounter{words}{0} \...
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