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{xii} is about questions about the packages xii and xii-lat.

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LaTeX Uglifier / obfuscator

For JavaScript you have e.g. js uglifier, which obfuscates the javascript so that it is infeasible for humans to read the javascript code. Also, judging by @DavidCarlisle's xii.tex (see below), ...
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Where to install a .tex file in TDS?

This is a follow-on from How to get latest version of xii.tex?. From the comments to that question (many thanks) it appears the the two remarkable files from David Carlisle xii.tex and xii-lat.tex are ...
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How to get latest version of xii.tex?

In the latest TUGboat (v38, no. 3) David Carlisle presented XII take II saying that the plain TeX file xii.tex could be downloaded from On going there one statement was that ...
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