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Named boxes with links compatibility

I'm using xsavebox package for saving and using named boxes (I want the boxes to have names like X.1.3) and I want to make links to these boxes but they are not compatible with any kind of referencing....
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Automatic line breaking of boxes

I want to automate some things in LaTeX using loops and saveboxes, but the boxes don't want to go automatically to the next line when there is no space for them (saveboxes are necessary). The code ...
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Why is this usage of the package MnSymbol raising an error?

Why does the following document raise an error? \documentclass{article} \newsavebox\aeaesigbox \savebox{\aeaesigbox}{$AE$AE} \usepackage{MnSymbol} \newsavebox\aebox \savebox\aebox{\fbox{$\...
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xskak / xsavebox: How to use an xsavebox for markmoves-list

I tried to use xsaveboxes at markmoves: \xsbox{list1}{a8-e4} \chessboard[tinyboard, markmoves=\xusebox{list1}% <--- error ] so that I can use numbered boxes. But this does not work, what do I ...
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