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xsim is the official successor of exsheets. Use this tag if you have a question about xsim. For questions about other packages like exsheets use the respective tag instead.

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Confine each exercise/question to one page using xsim

I can do the following: \begin{samepage} \begin{exercise} Long text question or maybe a table and some stuff etc. \end{exercise} \end{samepage} But I would prefer to have this automated (since I ...
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xsim problem with reverse synctex

I am possibly experiencing a strange behaviour with package xsim while working with reverse synctex (from document to source). Expected behaviour I activate reverse synctex in my IDE, then I get ...
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Tikz picture with externalize in xsim solution

I have a document using the package xsim for creating exercises and corresponding solutions. The solutions are printed in the back of the document so students do not directly skip forward to the ...
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How to hide a solution in xsim for the student book and display all solutions for the teacher book

In my books there are two types of exercises. The first type has public solutions, those solutions should appear in the student's book and teacher's book. The second type has solutions that should ...
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Numbering with greek numeral of exercises with xsim package

I would like make xsim numbering my exercises with greek numerals. For example instead of Θέμα 1 Θέμα 2 ... i would like Θέμα Α Θέμα Β ... etc How can i modify or set the counter? I have tried \...
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Faster Compilation for a large latex book

I am working on an application where the user learns a topic by interacting with a chatbot. After the completion of the course, the user can generate a personalized notebook using their interaction ...
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What are the differences between the exam and xsim classes?

I am currently preparing exercises and wonder which class xsim or exam is best suited for the task. They seem to fulfill the same purpose, but I get the impression xsim comes with more support for ...
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Xsim package: Same space if solutions are printed or not

I want the to leave the same space if solutions are printed or not. This MWE is good if there is an excercise without subquestions This MWE is bad if there is an excercise with subquestions I tried ...
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How to print solution with ID in xsim?

I have recently adopted xsim (the successor of exsheets, author Cle­mens Nieder­berger) and had the following question: How can I select SOLUTIONS by ID? I wanted to be able to choose where to print ...
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List of exercises with the same of property (for example the same difficulty level)

I would like to create a list of exercise numbers that share the same property (for example the difficulty level) at the beginning of my exercise handout. So for example, I would like to see something ...
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XSIM : print solutions for each chapter when the chapter depends on part counter

My chapters are numbered according to the part they are in. I know that it is not possible to use printallsolutions[chapter=true] in this case. Is there a way to get around this? For example, by using ...
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Suddenly, the xsim package refuses to wrap my listing-enviroment

I wrote a script with a set of coding problems, and made use of the xsim package to produce an optional sample solution. Until September, this worked fine, especially wrapping a lstlisting-enviroment ...
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Why is XSIM printing exercise statements as solutions?

Whenever a solution is not provided, XSIM is repeating the statement of the exercise as its solution. This only happens for custom exercise types. In the example below, it should not show the "...
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Migrating from exam to xsim

I have a lot of exams written using exam class. However, recently, I would like to move to xsim, which I couldn't understand how to properly do it. So, I would like to get the following exam output ...
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Combination of TASK and XSIM

I am using a combination of XSIM and TASK but when I format the questions, this formatting also affects the answers (for example applying multicols to the questions also affects the answers). I wish I ...
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XSIM package and custom grade table

How do I go about using the xsim package to display a custom gradetable in tags rather than exercises/questions. So far I have (my MWE) \documentclass{article} \usepackage{xsim,tasks,siunitx} \...
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Issue with exercice titles with XSIM

If I create a first exercise using the XSIM package, with a certain subtitle, everything typesets correctly. However, when the body of the exercise is changed for an other one which does not have a ...
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How to set normal vertical alignment using xsim and tasks packages?

MWE \documentclass[13pt]{scrartcl} \usepackage[no-files]{xsim} \usepackage{tasks} \DeclareExerciseEnvironmentTemplate{main-task}{ \par \textit{\GetExerciseName} \GetExerciseProperty{counter}. } ...
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Using xsim for creating tex files for Question Banks

I have been able to use xsim to extract easy, medium and difficult questions from a tagged Question Bank. However, I am not able to get the tex file with the list of all easy questions, all medium ...
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Slow typesetting due to xsim package - Any way to speed it up?

I really appreciate the xsim package and it's functionality. However, when including many questions, the typesetting slows down considerably (in my setup, up to 10 minutes for around 200 included ...
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'xsim' with 'exam' class

I am getting error while using xsim package with exam class. For exaple: LaTeX error: "xparse/command-already-defined" Command '\points' already defined! For immediate help type H . } How to ...
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Inverse search in xsim with Texstudio

I can't get xsim to get along with TexStudio's inverse search (Ctrl left-clicking in the live preview brings up the corresponding source code). The problem is that when I left-click in a given ...
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