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Here's an outline answer using tabularx and tikz.

I apologise for:

  1. Not filling in all the text
  2. Not tuning the horizontal fit and spacing

        \documentclass[10pt]{article}     \usepackage{tikz}     \usetikzlibrary{positioning}     \usetikzlibrary{arrows}     \usepackage{tabularx}     \newcommand{\vstrut}[1]{\rule{0pt}{#1}}     \begin{document}     \noindent\begin{tikzpicture}[>=latex]     \node [text width=7cm] (tb) {%     \begin{tabularx}{7cm}{|p{2.5cm}|X|}     \hline     Extraordinary uncertainty     & Fundamental Research\newline      Fundamental invention\    \hline     \vstrut{2cm} & \      \hline     \vstrut{2cm} & \      \hline     \vstrut{2cm} & \      \hline     \vstrut{2cm} & \      \hline     \vstrut{2cm} & \      \hline     \end{tabularx}     } ;     \node [     anchor=north west,     right=of tb.55,     text width=2cm] (br) {Basic\Research};     \node [     anchor=west,     right=of tb.0,     text width=2cm] (dv) {Development};     \node [     anchor=south west,     right=of tb.305,     text width=2cm] (ar) {Applied\Research};     \node [coordinate,right=of br.north east] (x1) {};     \node [coordinate,right=of ar.south east] (x2) {};     \draw [<->] (x1) to (x2);     \node [right=2cm of br,text width=2cm] {\bfseries\itshape Radical\Innovation};       \node [right=2cm of ar,text width=2cm] {\bfseries\itshape Incremental\Innovation};       \end{tikzpicture}      \end{document}