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How do I draw a cone with a generatrix?

Since pgf doesn't actually do 3d, you either have to order things correctly (with opaque things on top) or clip the things which should be 'behind'. In this case, the circle makes a good path to clip ...
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How do I draw a cone with a generatrix?

According to the comments, Tikz cannot handle 3D situations, so it is necessary to draw the figure in sections according to the perspective relationship. Thanks to cfr Here is my code: \documentclass[...
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Drawing nested tubes with TikZ

From my point of view, this is mainly mechanical work, without any special features. It is advisable to always work with relative paths if possible, so that the entire graph is flexible to the input ...
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Understanding Spiral Function (potentially 3D) for tikz

tikz's local document name is "pgfmanual.pdf". You can also view the online document at \usepackage{tikz} \usepackage{tikz-3dplot} ...
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