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I can suggest to use the lite version of mtpro2 that you can find to CTAN. Here for example there is a recent documentation (see pag. 14). Is you will use this MWE \documentclass[12pt]{article} \usepackage[lite]{mtpro2} \begin{document} Let $\wwtilde{I}$ collision be elastic in one frame of reference.\\ Let $\tilde{I}$ and let $ \widetilde{I}$ another ...


To fix this, use the package [T1]fontenc before using any accent. This was not particularly problematic when running pdflatex in Linux, but it was important when running it on Mac Mojave using MacTeX. \RequirePackage[T1]{fontenc} \ProvidesClass{myclass}[Using accent: Café] This answer is based on Denis Bitouzés comment.


The class (version 5.6) has \DeclareOption{vecarrow}{\def\vec@style{arrow}} and then \def\fig@type{arrow}% temporarily abused \AtBeginDocument{\ifx\vec@style\fig@type\else \@ifundefined{vec@style}{% \def\vec#1{\ensuremath{\mathchoice {\mbox{\boldmath$\displaystyle\mathbf{#1}$}} {\mbox{\boldmath$\textstyle\mathbf{#...


Composite accents are a pain in legacy TeX. Here's a somewhat decent implementation. \documentclass{article} \newcommand{\checkbar}[1]{% \leavevmode\vbox{\offinterlineskip \halign{\hfil##\hfil\cr\kern\fontdimen1\font\v{}\cr\noalign{\vskip-1ex}\={#1}\cr}% }% } \begin{document} \checkbar{a}\={a} \textit{\checkbar{a}\={a}} \end{document}

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