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\acro clickable links, sometimes works, sometimes not, despite same code

I faced a similar issue when manually introducing acronyms in a non-standard way using \acsu{DSG} or \acused{DSG}, or in my example: \acro{CHAdeMO}{Charge de Move} ... \acsu{CHAdeMO} (derived from ''...
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custom plural for the short form of an acronym using glossaries

What worked for me was to simply add definitions for its \glslongpluralkey and \glsshortpluralkey forms when declaring the acronym. Like so: \newacronym[\glslongpluralkey={centiMorgans}, \...
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Soul does not allow acronyms to be expanded

After delving into the implementation of soul/soul-ori it seems \soulregister\ac{7} might do the trick. (The documentation says nothing about the possibility of registering with value 7, but...) \...
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