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How to crop or scope the range of z in 3d in Asymptote

Without using crop, I choose a relevant reparameterization for the surface; this is almost the idea from this answer. Hope this helps! // import graph3; //...
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How to plot a function in integral with ln function with TikZ?

As in the link suggested above, Asymptote is a suitable drawing tool in this case. I just mimick @g.kov 's code. // import graph; size(300,200,IgnoreAspect); real f(...
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What are the relative strengths of TikZ and Asymptote?

The great strength of Assymptote is that it allows you to create 3D images that can be manipulated with the mouse, as this example shows (from my question here : Asymptote 3d: Remove the flicker from ...
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