{authblk} is a package that redefines the \author command to work as normal or to allow a footnote style of author/affiliation input.

The standard LaTeX syntax for entering author names and their affiliations is rather limited. The standard is to have author blocks consisting of all authors from one institute grouped together. However, if there are many institutes, or if the authors are ordered in some other way (e.g. alphabetically) it is more appropriate to use a footnote system. Both methods should be available for any paper since the style depends more on the number of authors and affiliations and their mixture.

This package offers a syntax for entering author names and their affiliations that permits both styles, and is also compatible with the standard LaTeX syntax. It places its results in the control sequence \@author, which is the standard container for the author/affiliation names; in this way it can be used immediately with standard LaTeX classes, or with packages that modify the title/author block.