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How to implement the layout of authors from different institutions and co-first authors/corresponding authors in LaTeX?

Unfortunately it's no simple task to get your posted code running in a different environment than yours. So here is one approach based on the titlepage environment. I assume: you won't need the ...
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Adjusting the title page in a thesis

Just use two tabular environments. Also, the spacing between elements is too small. I'd use stretching factors so the page is better filled. \documentclass[12pt,a4paper,openany]{book} \usepackage[ ...
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beamer titlepage how to organize authors in a table which spans slide-width

I wouldn't mess with the content of macros like \author etc. Instead you could either redefine the author template (and add your table there) and/or redefine the whole title page template if you need ...'s user avatar

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