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The lag is caused by the ToolTip-Help option. Go to Options -> Configure TeXstudio -> Completion -> Untick ToolTip-Help option. In the <Preferred Commands Set> option you can keep it at "Typical". This solved it for me.


You can also customize tags under Structure -> User. Here, you can define as many tags as you want (so no restriction from number of available FX keys) with formatting. The tag is triggered by writing :(tag) and pressing the right arrow key in the editor. I use this for all my more advanced autocompletion or to quickly access frequently used commands ...


I encountered the same problem that Kile (2.9.93 on LinuxMint 19) did not autocomplete bibtex entries. In my case, this was caused by a somewhat unusual organization of project files: I have the bib file in a central place and placed a symbolic link into my project directory. For BiTeX that was fine, but Kile (2.9.93) did not autocomplete bibtex entries. ...

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