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Is “mon =” of any use in a bibtex file?

It is data that could potentially be used by any bibtex style such as the one below, it does not need a different program. file.tex \documentclass{article} \begin{document} Something about \cite{...
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Why biblatex sets the space factor fo the period to 1006?

Quoting egreg in another question related to csquotes: ...different space factors can be used to know what punctuation sign is the last character. The same strategy is used in amsthm.sty, which ...
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Why don't the BibTeX files care about the spacing after the abbreviation-terminating periods?

As a general rule I'd say that you should keep tex markup in a bib database to a minimum, which simplifiies re-use of the data. It's already unfortunate that bibtex's lack of real support for non ...
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`sorting=none` results in wrong order for ten or more references in one \cite{}

This is caused by a bug in Biber v2.18 that got resolved in v2.19. Biber 2.18 introduced the intciteorder sort field (the order of entries in one \cite{}), which has since been used for sorting=none. ...
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