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Display DOI in DeclareCiteCommand

You shouldn't have to use \thefield for printing. Instead use \printfield and friends or even better pre-defined bibmacros that print whole chunks of the data you want to show. You should also not ...
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Display DOI in DeclareCiteCommand

It seems that no command can be used in the postnote part. \DeclareCiteCommand{\CustomCite} { \usebibmacro{prenote}\addspace } {% \mkbibquote{\thefield{title}}% \addcomma\addspace by \...
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Package biblatex Warning: Bibliography string 'presentedat' untranslated

Bold text in biblatex-generated output usually means something is missing or otherwise went wrong. And indeed looking at the .log output of your MWE we find Package biblatex Warning: Bibliography ...
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Switch from Overleaf to VS-Code

I use VS Code when I am finishing documents as the errors/duplicate labels functionality is really good plus source control. I believe your issue is being caused by the fact that the LaTeX extension ...
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