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How to cite tweets?

I just wanted to share this script I made for this specific purpose:
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"please (re)run biber on the file" in VS code?

in my case I just wrote this in settings.json "": [ { "name": "xelatex", "command": "xelatex"...
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biblatex, biber and comments in bib files

You can use latex comments with % and even without this symbol, and simply use: interesting Although in this case biber will warn that you left "11 characters of junk seen at toplevel", ...
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biblatex, biber and comments in bib files

One shouldn't use @-style comments like this: @Comment interesting @ is reserved to identify database entries (like article, book, ...). Instead, use the default %-style: %Comment interesting
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Exclamation point inside brackets in bib entry prevents period

biblatex's punctuation tracker ignores brackets, so the [sic!] at the end is treated more or less like sic!, so the title ends with the exclamation mark, which means that biblatex avoids the double ...
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Exclamation point inside brackets in bib entry prevents period

I suggest you replace [sic!] with [sic\mbox{!}]. This lets you "smuggle" the exclamation mark past biber's parser. :-) \documentclass{article} \begin{filecontents}[overwrite]{\jobname.bib} ...
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LaTeX file not running in texmaker on Fedora (but fine on MacOS): Error : could not start the command : biber

Finally, I found the solution to fix the issue. For a more detailed discussion read this post. Summing up, I apparently was running the flatpak version instead of the rpm version. After uninstalling ...
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Unable to run biber with a recent version of TeX Live

I was getting the above error when using CentOS 7, which is quite old at this point. When I switch to Red Hat 8, biber runs okay. This is the specific Red Hat version I'm using now: Red Hat Enterprise ...
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