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What does \usebibmacro{bibindex} in BibliographyDrivers do?

The bibmacro bibindex is defined in biblatex.def (ll. 2409-2413 in v3.19). Its definition is \newbibmacro*{bibindex}{% \ifbibindex {\indexnames{labelname}% \indexfield{indextitle}} {}} ...
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How to get references in chronological order in-text and alphabetical by author in bibliography, using names not numbers

With biblatex+ biber it would be rather trivial as the answers in the question you linked to show. With natbib it is a bit more difficult, but you can try the following. Do not use the cite package ...
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Problem with multiple URLs provided in mendeley

Works only for URLs devided by a space. \documentclass[paper=a5,DIV=16,parskip=half-,fontsize=10pt]{scrreprt} \usepackage[british]{babel} \usepackage[autostyle]{csquotes} \begin{filecontents}[force,...
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Page break in the middle of Biblatex source item

Since I didn't get an answer, I went back to it myself. Actually it is quite simple, you just have to come up with it. \usepackage{needspace} % The number determines how many lines of space the entry ...
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