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Disabling "[Online]. Available:" from References in IEEETran.cls in Overleaf

I had the same problem and fixed by editing the FUNCTION {format.url} in IEEEtran.bst Before FUNCTION {format.url} { url empty$ { "" } { this.status.std ...
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Error: Cannot find control file 'references.bcf'! - did you pass the "backend=biber" option to BibLaTeX?

I had a similar problem; for me, the reason was that biber should be executed on the name of the source file without the .tex extension. For example, for a file called thesis.tex: pdflatex thesis ...
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How to integrate the cited references from bib file into the source tex file?

Of course, you can handcode your references into the .tex file using bibitem. But keeping a separate .bib file will be easier to manage. If required, you compile your project using bibtex once and put ...
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Reconstructing Custom Bibliography formatting from image with bibtex

@Kuehner do you know a website where I can upload/insert a .bib entry and have a fast compiling preview of different citation styles so that I can find a similar one? Here is a starting point, you ...
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How to customize bibtex numbering in a document?

Since the question is really about using custom labels to entries in the bib-database, I would like to add that there is a standard way of doing this with Biblatex. Simply use the data field shorthand,...
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Refering to website with bibtex

Not ideal, but I managed to "handcrafted" the IEEE website format as: @electronic{Xtext, author= "Eclipse Foundation Inc.", title = "\textit{Xtext For the specification of ...
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