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citation not shown properly in the text

You need to make sure that your citations are using the correct citation commands for biblatex. Instead of using the \cite command from the cite package, you should use \autocite or \parencite ...
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Missing $ inserted issue

If you are handling complex tex when using new packages might incur even more problems, I find a simple solution by replacing the underscore in the bib files' DOI link with \textunderscore, like this: ...
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transferring inline citations from MS word to LaTex

I have created a python package for this: it is open source, welcome to contibute
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"and" in Author Name

In, neither {{A and B}} nor @String {AANDB = {{A and B}} } worked for me. This did: author = {A a{}n{}d B}.
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remove "In" field from bibliography

To specify the Entry Type use the following syntax \renewbibmacro{in:}{\ifentrytype{article} {} {\bibstring{in}\printunit{\intitlepunct}} } where you can replace "article" with any ...
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Easiest way to match journal's citation style guide?

To answer my own question... In the end, the easiest approach was the manual one. First, I compiled the code with the incorrect bibliography style. This generated a bunch of supplementary files, ...
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I am getting some error during latex compilation, but i have no idea about this

By default, the elsarticle class loads natbib, but this is incompatible with biblatex. You can use biblatex with elsarticle, but then \bibliographystyle and \bibliography shouldn't be used. \...
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Remove extra space in abbreviated journal title with jabbrv?

Following @barbara beeton's comment, I messed around with the code and came up with the following partial solution, despite still not understanding it. It seems the problem is with an extra space ...
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Missing $ inserted. Ha\"{i}

This is the minimal working example: \documentclass{article} \def\i{\sqrt{-1}} \begin{document} In \cite{brezis1983positive} \bibliographystyle{plain} \bibliography{ref} \end{document} When ...
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How to use external bibtex file in Latex2e World Scientific Template

This can actually be done with a little tweaking. In the preamble insert the line \usepackage[superscript,biblabel,nomove]{cite} This will take care of the superscript. To remove the article title ...
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how to cite arXiv articles with new bibtex format

So as it turns out, this is a bug in arXiv's abstract rendering and not to be taken as a new format requirement for how we're exporting the bibtex citations. This has been addressed, returning to our ...
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Telling TeXstudio where to find my .bib file

I had the same question. Here's how I solved it. Go to TexStudio's 'Options' menu. In the options dialogue box, make sure the 'Show Advanced Options' selection box is checked. Then you should see ...
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Remove issn/doi/url when using plainnat and natbib

This not specific to natbib, but you can use Zotero with the Better Bibtex plugin to omit specified fields from its exported bibtex file which will then be used by natbib. In Zotero (with the Better ...
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Springer Nature template - no citations & font issue

With the references, I think this helps. Try checking this one for the font size issue.
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Using a tilde in a .bib file

Adding the tilde as $\sim$ with the URL in parenthesis {} might solve the issue: @misc{entry, title={Some Title}, year={2023}, url={$\sim$something/something.pdf}, }
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Can the BST file for BIBTEX be composed of several files?

No, the bst syntax does not provide a function to load files other than .bib. You may consider storing the abbreviation definitions (@string) in a .bib file.
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Problem using bibunits

You may want to use latexmk. It fully automates the process of compilation. latexmk -pdflatex -synctex=1 document.tex will do the job. You can tell TeXstudio to use latexmk. Just change the settings ...

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