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How can I suppress the word 'Chapter' (book) and have number and title in one line?

You can consider using Koma Script scrbook rather than book. \documentclass{scrbook} \usepackage[german]{babel} \begin{document} \chapter{The first chapter} \end{document} Or you can customize ...
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Matching the table of contents with the chapter style of quotchap package

You need \usepackage[titles]{tocloft} Why did the author think to such a funnily named option to tell the package that it mustn't change the chapter titles? Who knows.
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How can I suppress the word 'Chapter' (book) and have number and title in one line?

You can modify \@makechapterhead directly. I put the chapter title into a \parbox to effect hanging indentation. \documentclass{book} \usepackage[german]{babel} \makeatletter \def\@makechapterhead#1{...
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Getting rid of "CHAPTER" in the header

It seems, what you are searching is almost the default of KOMA-Script class scrbook: \documentclass[12pt,sfdefaults=false,numbers=withenddot]{scrbook} \usepackage[paperwidth=6in, paperheight=9in, ...
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Add a custom header above an unnumbered chapter title (report document class)

You would have to redefine the \chapter command to pick up the additional "header" (I will use the term "label" instead in my solution). And then you must redefine the chapter ...
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ConTeXt: Drop caps with quotation mark

We can use \futureexpandisap to look ahead in the input stream for an opening quotation mark, then a local box to typeset the quotation mark: \setuplocalboxes[leftmargin][ style=\bfd, color=...
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Chapters are not displayed in the correct order

I found the solution to my problem, When i was connecting the chapters together, i was using %\onlyinsubfile{\zexternaldocument*{\main/tex/introduction}} to connect one chapter to another but ...
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