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Creating multiple output files, with content that depends on a variable

I had a similar need, here are my ideas to tackle this. Solution Makefile -> Latex If you want the Makefile to tell Latex which "address" to use, you can use the "--jobname" ...
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Detect aspect ratio in beamer

With the current beamer development version (which should be included in beamer v3.70 or newer), you can use the \insertaspectratio macro to access the aspect ration of the presnetation: \...
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Commenting out lineno and disabling commands related to it via ltxcmds fails to compile unless I manually delete the aux file

You just need to not hide the else branch of \@ifpackageloaded so you can define the aux command to do nothing. (ltxcmds does nothing here as this is all already latex) \documentclass{book} \...
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Incomplete \ifodd; all text was ignored after line

You can't have conditionals enclosing the options. I'm not sure why you define \x that way, as \i is an integer. It's simpler than that: use \pgfmathifthenelse. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{...
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Incomplete \ifodd; all text was ignored after line

There are several problems with your code. The first one is the usage of "standalone" document class with node positioned relatively to the corner of the current page (but for standalone, ...
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