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Connected counters

I'm not sure this is the best way to do it, but I do recommend using a syntax which reflects the structure of the macros you create. So, if you use \newcommand, use e.g. \egs and \subegs. If you want \...
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Theorems display error with hyperref

(too long for a comment, hence posted as an answer) I am unable to generate any problems with the OP's code on an up-to-date MacTeX2024 system, under pdfLaTeX, LuaLaTeX, or XeLaTeX. (I've streamlined ...
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Incompatibility of the '\onslide' environment with environments that have a running counter

You could use \resetcounteronoverlays{boxedthmcounter} to add your counter to the list of counters which get reset at the start of an overlay: \documentclass[xcolor=dvipsnames]{beamer} \usepackage{...'s user avatar
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Theorem Enviroment Counter

I seem to understand that the first three sections have no test and so you want A for tests in section 4, B in section 5 and so on. Redefine \thetest to do the job. \documentclass{article} \...
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