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How do I change the name for a clone of enumerate using enumitem and cleveref?

When you create a new list using enumitem, it creates a set of counters for that list depending on the number of levels you choose. So in your particular case, you defined the list using: \newlist{...
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Physical Review Letters supporting information separate PDF

PRL content guidelines say Cite the manuscript’s Supplemental Material in the reference list as follows: See Supplemental Material at [URL will be inserted by publisher] for [give brief description ...
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Error when combining glossaries and label of description item

You need to restore the original definition of descriptionlabel before \printglossary. Meanwhile, I provided better code than yours for suppressing the \label inside the argument. \documentclass{...
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Referencing ExPex example from a different subfile?

Add the following lines to the preamble of your main file: \gathertags \input{XXX-tags}% XXX is the name of the main file (without .tex) Run LaTeX at least once on your main file to collect the ...
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Reference Alphabetical Appendix

It is not fully clear what you want to achieve. But from your MWE I guess: You want alphabetic numbered sections in the appendix part. You want the word 'Appendix' in front of the alphabetic counter. ...
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