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You need to put both images in one figure float, each in minipage or intabularx: With minipage: \documentclass[review]{elsarticle} \usepackage{subfig} \begin{document} \begin{figure}[ht] \setkeys{Gin}{width=0.4\linewidth,height=0.15\textheight} % Figure 1 \begin{minipage}[t]{0.45\linewidth} \centering \subfloat[A]{\...


Move the \linenumbers after the frontmatter as suggested by OP in the thread you linked. It worked for me!


Some suggestions and observations: To avoid getting warning messages about either underfull or overfull lines because of URL strings, load the xurl package before loading hyperref. Since the elsarticle-num bibliography style recognizes a field called url, use it, i.e, replace howpublished = {\url{}}, with url = {...

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