{enumerate} is about the enumerate list environment. If you use this tag, add the more general {lists} tag.

The environment is used to create numbered lists; if you use this tag, add the more general tag. For bulleted lists, one uses the environment, and for descriptive lists, one uses the environment.

Typically, enumerate is used like this:

  \item The first item
  \item The second item
  \item (and so on...)

There are a few packages for customizing the appearance of numbered lists.

  1. The package (documentation) provides an interface to adjust the vertical and horizontal spacing of list items, define custom list environments, change the number/letter label of list items, and customize list numbering.
  2. The package (documentation) provides commands for using lists compactly within paragraphs.
  3. The enumerate package (documentation) provides a concise syntax for changing how the counter is printed (numbered, lettered, etc.).

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