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Table doesn't fit in the page and add figure into the table's cell

EDIT: Put the figure in the table. As @samcarter noticed: remove the \multicolumn{1} stuff. Use \small to make the text a bit smaller. Replace Natural Number in the fourth column by an abbreviation ...
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Add a caption and a source to image, keeping caption centered and source alligned to image to left

I assume that the source caption is always same width as the figure and left aligned. I rather don't use two \caption commands, it will mass up your list of figures. Here is solution to put figure and ...
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How to position mdframed environment at the top of a page, without topmargins being decreased?

There is an interaction between the mdframed and the style algstyle: the spaces below and above the theorem are not correctly displayed (I don't know why, maybe some \addvspace behind). I suggest ...
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Table doesn't fit in the page and add figure into the table's cell

With tabularray: \documentclass[12pt]{article} \usepackage[bindingoffset=0.2in,left=0.5in,right=0.5in,top=0.5in,bottom=0.5in,footskip=.25in]{geometry} \usepackage[centertags]{amsmath} \usepackage{...
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How can I improve the spacing after a top float?

I think the issue is with the vertical space added after the float. So in my suggestion below, I modify that using \myLength and add a \baselineskip as well. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{lipsum,...
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