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How can I change the size of icons in ModernCV?

The icons macros (e.g. \faHandPointUp) from the fontawesome5 package are defined with the \faPreselectedIcon macro. Since moderncv print the icons in a group, you can patch \faPreselectedIcon to also ...
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Pstricks axes label size change: why?

The labels are set in mathmode and in your first pspictures you have labelFontSize=\normalsize,% labelFontSize=\scriptstyle,% where only the second one is valid! In your second pspicture you ...
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How to increase the font size for content in cells without changing the table size in latex?

Please, always provide MWE, not only code fragment ... newer scale table, see @David's comments Page layout is unknown, consequently you will need to tweak MWE below so that page layout as well table ...
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Font size conflict between document class and tikzpicture

Try using the following instead. This code uses the positioning library and places the node below the centre of the reference node, rather than above its bottom. It dispenses with the inner sep ...
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Pandoc from Markdown to PDF: Font size is affected by linestrech?

The article class does not have an option for 13pt. therefore, if you set the fontsize: to 13pt or to 237pt the result is the same:: the default font size (10pt). Maybe you can consider to simply ...
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