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How to automatically scale and align /tikzpicture with font size

My suggestion is not to use a node shape to draw such a simple symbol, because TikZ nodes don't scale with the coordinate system in any case. Instead, I'd just draw the triangle using coordinates with ...
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Using defined macro inside csdef

\@setfontsize defined in latex.ltx takes three non-separated parameters. In your first example it is: \@setfontsize\HUGE{\vi@mult\dimexpr\f@size pt\relax}{\vi@mult\dimexpr\f@baselineskip\relax} first ...
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memoir: changing the default font size after loading the package

This is a hack only, because I don't know any official way to do it: \documentclass[11pt]{memoir} \newif\ifmycondition \myconditiontrue \thispagestyle{empty} \newcommand{\setmemoirfontsize}[1]{% \...
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