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Very long footnotes with hyperlinked text

I was having a similar situation and after tinkering for a few hours, mixing solutions that I found on various other threads, I was able to produce something that works for me and that works on OP's ...
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sepfootnotecontent after sepfootnote

Update the sepfootnotes package to version 0.3d, and use the after option, which implements @schtandard's answer above. I'm the package author. \documentclass{article} \usepackage[after]{sepfootnotes} ...
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Remove parentheses in "(1)" from hyperlink

The idea is to simply redefine \footnote and \@makefntext for the bottom text. \documentclass{article} \usepackage[colorlinks]{hyperref} \makeatletter % From latex.ltx \def\footnote{\@ifnextchar[\@...
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paragraph look sparse in footnote?

Just add a package: \usepackage{xurl} then use \url{http..} in the footnote to break the line.
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Multicolumn footnote over multiple pages

You can fake it by manually dividing the footnote into page sized chunks. Interestingly, I could never align the footnote with the footnotemark. It would stay too low then jump too high. \...
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In Table environment: biblatex repeated citations in footnotes that point back to earlier footnotes

The solution in biblatex repeated citations in footnotes that point back to earlier footnotes relies on citation tracking, which is disabled in floats like tables by default, because they are ...
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TeX4ht: footnotes that reset per page get mixed up

The problem here is that the footnote counter is reset after every page. TeX4ht bases links to footnotes on the counter, so it gets messed up. A solution is to introduce a separate counter, that will ...
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Beamer: How to define the position of footnotes?

Beamer normally uses \raggedright for the footnotes. You could replace it with \raggedleft: \documentclass[10pt,aspectratio=169]{beamer} \title{DEMO} \author{Max Mustermann} \usepackage[absolute,...'s user avatar

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