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Somebody tell me if I've missed an answer already covering this, but my favourite way to do this is using efbox and this is my go-to image-framer for simple framing. \documentclass[border=9pt]{standalone} \usepackage{efbox,graphicx} \efboxsetup{linecolor=green,linewidth=10pt} \begin{document} \efbox{\includegraphics{cath-gadael-chartref}} \end{document} [...


If you are using thmtools, it should be noted that it can render boxed theorems per se. Example: \documentclass{report} \usepackage{thmtools} \usepackage{lipsum} \declaretheorem[ shaded={rulecolor=black, rulewidth=1pt, bgcolor=magenta}, name=Theorem, ]{thmboxed} \begin{document} \begin{thmboxed} \lipsum[1] \end{thmboxed} \end{document} renders as


You can adjust the spacing of your proposition environment with options passed in the first optional argument of newmdtheoremenv. Specifically, you can remove any inner margin by setting innertopmargin to 0, or to a negative value if needed. For more details, see the documentation of mdframed. It might be important to note that other lengths in a document ...

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