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Dimension too large error GeoGebra Export

As @ManuelCart has already pointed out in a comment, the immediate cause of the error is that tan(90 degrees)=tan(((pi/2)*180/pi) isn't defined. You must restrict the domain of the functions that ...
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Graph of 2*\cos(x-1)

I have edited your code done with Geogebra. \documentclass{standalone} \usepackage{tikz} \begin{document} \begin{tikzpicture}[>=latex,scale=1] % X axis \draw[->] (-5,0) -- (3,0) node[...
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GeoGebra: LaTeX vSpace* doesnt shift up the Equation

GeoGebra produces awful TikZ code. The seemingly high precision is ridiculous, so I reduced to two decimal digits (three for the color). Most notably, the produced code always has a wrong \clip ...
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How to fix the xticklabels when it is rotated?

Replace the code with the following: xticklabels={ ,Trauma\\ Injury,Abdominal\\ Pain,Respiratory\\ Distress,Chest\\ Pain,Behavioural\\ Disorder,Loss of\\ Consciousness,Seizure,Poison/Drug\\ ...
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when i exports a graph from geogebra then i got this axes without graph of function? why

In the f1.tex, you have 7 functions without id, there will only be one table created by Gnuplot (the last). You therefore need an identifier per function. [parametric,id=pgf-plot1] for the first ...
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Geogebra package in LaTeX

Comment converted to community answer (comment by user ingmar). It's probably easiest to do the actual work in Geogebra, then export to TikZ and use that in your .tex file. See this thread to get you ...

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