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Two column glossary

The responses on this page are quite helpful, but for those who, like me, seek a straightforward and brief TL;DR, here's what you need to do. Simply include these lines in your LaTeX document: \...
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Using glossaries package, capitalize first letter in Glossary but not in text

You can simply swap \uppercase with \lowercase along with order in \printglossaries as shown below: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{glossaries} \let\firstchar\uppercase \let\oldprintglossaries\...
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How do I define a different case of the long form of an abbreviation in glossaries?

EDIT: My original answer worked with acronyms only, with "normal" glossary entries it printed an empty text. Therefore I have added an if statement to check if it is a acronym, if yes I am ...
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glossaries + glossaries-extra cause "TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [parameter stack size=32767]"

There seems to be an issue with the TexLive versions prior to 2023 with these two packages. Thanks to the comments by @cabohah and @Marijn I updated my TexLive version to 2024 and now everything ...
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How to sort list of abbreviations in LaTeX

acronym does not support any sorting, entries will appear in the order in the source (which you could sort by non-TeX means). nomencl will produce a sorted list for you, it's probably easiest for just ...
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