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\scalebox clash with cleveref for custom equation tags

Make the command robust and scale using \fontsize. \documentclass[twocolumn]{article} \usepackage{amsmath,graphicx,hieroglf,cleveref} \makeatletter \newcommand{\hiersize}{\fontsize{\fpeval{0.6*\f@...
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How to order 3 images horizontally?

You can use the subfig package. Just keep in mind, you may need to change the width value if you're working with two or more columns \usepackage{subfig} \begin{figure}[!b] \centering \...
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Figures in the alternatives

One way is to use \includegraphics without surrounding \begin{figure}\end{figure} (as suggested in comments) and do the numbering manually. To top-align the images to the numbers you can use the ...
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How to compare aspect ratios?

You can use \fpeval to produce 0 if the ratio is smaller, 1 if it is larger. I added some extra descriptive information in the branches of \ifnum that you can remove for your actual use case. I also ...
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Cannot show my graph when I use the package for the conference

For reference, I obtain the same result as Marijn reorted in comment 1 and comment 2 on Windows with Texmaker+pdflatex. What I did: created a folder confPaper copied l4dc2024.cls and l4dc2024-sample....
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How to make wrapfigure-width adjust to image?

You can make use of a savebox and put the desired content (in your case the image) into it. Subsequently, you can measure the box's width and use that in the width argument for the wrapfigure ...
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circle diagrams text included

Procrastination mode at full power... \documentclass{article} \usepackage{tikz} \begin{document} \begin{tikzpicture}[scale=2.5,>=latex,font=\scriptsize] \draw[thick](0,0)circle(1); \draw(0,1.5)node[...
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How do I make the squiggly line in metapost?

There is doubtless a superior way to do this since my knowledge of MetaPost is extremely limited. Caveat emptor You could use nccoil or nczigzag from the metaobj package. If you are used to basic ...
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How do I make the squiggly line in metapost?

I don't know exactly what you want, but you probably want to loop. Below is a version that might use some MetaFun specifics, but hopefully you get the idea and can transform it into pure MetaPost if ...
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Sequence of Images

Here is a sketch how you can achieve something similar using beamer: \documentclass[11pt]{beamer} \begin{document} \begin{frame}{} \centering \only<1>{ This is ...
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Beamer: Inserting images

In the comments, it is revealed that the posted MWE was not accurate. In reality, the OP has the draft mode of beamer active which leads to the described behavior (as a feature).
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tikz - custom page dimensions, background image & centered text

Here the default settings in TikZ is to our advantage. When you do \node[inner sep=0pt,outer sep=0pt] at (0,0) {...}; The contents will be placed with its vertical and horisontal center at (0,0) (you ...
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graphics in ArXiv

I had problems with specific characters (included in pdf figures) not showing up for an ArXiv submission. E.g. the letter "q" or the "%" sign. What solved the issue was to add \...
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How to put caption on top of a plot?

By use of tabularray package for organizing of images and \subfloats for inserting them in table: \documentclass{article} %\usepackage{svg} % not used in this example since I haven't installed this ...
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How to put caption on top of a plot?

Since you know the widths of the subfloats, you can create fake captions using \makebox. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{svg} \usepackage{graphicx} \usepackage{subfig}% see also subcaption %\...
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How to put caption on top of a plot?

Set each image construct in a tabular so you can structure them vertically - label at the top and image at the bottom. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{graphicx} \usepackage{subcaption} % Add the ...
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when i exports a graph from geogebra then i got this axes without graph of function? why

In the f1.tex, you have 7 functions without id, there will only be one table created by Gnuplot (the last). You therefore need an identifier per function. [parametric,id=pgf-plot1] for the first ...
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