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{gregorio} is for questions addressing issues related to the Gregorian chant and TeX.

From the project's home page

The Gregorio project offers tools for the typesetting of Gregorian chant. These tools include:

  • gabc: a brief notation for representing Gregorian chant
  • GregorioTeX: a TeX style for typesetting scores
  • GregorioXML: an XML representation of a Gregorian chant score

The main work of the Gregorio project is the software program gregorio, which can manipulate files in gabc notation and convert them into OpusTeX, GregorioTeX, or GregorioXML files.

Together, these tools, added to a LaTeX installation, make it easy to typeset works of Gregorian chant and produce output in PDF or Postscript format, for printing or for incorporation into larger documents.