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In your log: l.278 ِ According to these variables, the target force $\bm{f}_{target}(s_q)... You have an Arabic Kasra symbol just before the uppercase A in line 278. Remove it...


I ran into this problem when I had a reference with an author whose last name included this symbol. I decided to cope with the error by putting the following in my preamble: \DeclareUnicodeCharacter{02B9}{'} Perhaps someone more familiar with Russian last names than I am could comment if a different substitute character would be more appropriate.


Here is an example, to start you off on the Unicode track. I will try and add to it over the next days and weeks. The answers to all the questions are almost like a set of mini tutorials. Starting with general text: font=Noto Serif; language=Tatar; textsource=Wikipedia; compiler=xelatex (or lualatex); texttopic=solar system; hyphenation-pattern=russian, ...

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