Installing latexdiff on a Mac (without having MacTeX installed e.g. if you use an online LaTeX editor): Install Homebrew, the missing package manager for Mac -> https://brew.sh/ Install perl -> brew install perl (N.B. this step might not be necessary) Install latexdiff -> brew install latexdiff Keep latexdiff up-to-date -> brew upgrade latexdiff Uninstall ...


You may need a .sty file, which can be extracted from a .dtx by doing the following: Go to the folder where the .dtx file is located Run tex file_name.dtx This should generate some other files on the current directory, one of which is a .sty file. You can then move the file_name.sty file directly into your project folder, where a file will use it, or ...


brew tap caskroom/cask brew cask install basictex # close terminal window # open a new terminal window xelatex file.tex Then start writing latex and compiling from the command-line!

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