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In linux using apt or apt-get can use this command to install all depend to texlive: apt install texlive* or to search the correct package, can use : apt search texlive note, use this command as root user.


The TinyTeX distribution sets $TEXMFHOME to be the same as $TEXMFLOCAL so you should put your local additions into ~/.TinyTeX/texmf-local/tex/latex/ When you have done this, you will need to update the ls-R file for that directory by doing: mktexlsr ~/.TinyTeX/texmf-local Then your local files should be found.


I realised the issue I was having was due to permissions. In other words, when I ran doas pdflatex filename.tex it worked as expected. you can also change the file you are working on using chmod


I have solved that issue with typing: RUN tlmgr install collection-bibtexextra into the Docker image file. Hope that will help to LaTeX users.

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