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I was mixing up Biber and Bibtex. I also didn't have keys for my sources.


In JabRef 3.8.2, double-click on the entry, select the tab "Comments" and type in your research notes. The content of the tab "Comments" will be saved to your BibTeX file, but it will not appear in your LaTeX-compiled document (unless your BibTeX style explicitly does it, which is unlikely).


Bad news: The concordance between the key in the cite and the database is only your responsibility. You change Foo2015 by Bah2015 in the bib file with JabRef. Then LyX look in that database for Foo2015 to write \cite{Foo2015} (or so) but there not any Foo2015 in the database, resulting in the[?]... but what else could LyX have done? How to know if ...

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