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While biblatex has a good reputation for supporting multi-language typesetting, there are a few things that are not implemented at the moment. In particular there is no per-field language switching, you can only switch the language of the entire entry, and even that may have some undesirable side-effects (see below). Language markup in fields One of the ...


There is no inbuilt functionality like this in glossaries, but we can patch it in using babel's \languagename. For normal multilanguage description, I patched \gls@defglossaryentry to use \@mygls@selectdesc in the default value for description. This macro will try to load the description in the current language and issue a warning if there is none. Note ...


This is possible by using a multilingual typesetting package called polyglossia which is usually used together with the font interfacing package fontspec. The documents must be processed using XeLaTeX engine instead of LaTex. Here are the MWEs and their outputs for both scenarios. This can be easily extended for different language combinations and for more ...

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