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Thanks to the hints by @siracusa and @moewe I took a deeper look into several custom style files, and I found \RequirePackage{german}. It seems that this causes trouble when including the german babel package. Removing this line solves the error.


The key factor is where the font mapping occurs. That will determine which packages/ini files need modifying. Tengwar are meta-characters and the value they represent can vary according to the mode of use, like the x in alegbra can take on different values: the most simple case is if we use full tengwar in Modern English orthographic mode, and a font (...


I don't have your second font. But with the engine luahbtex and luaotfload version 3.11 (uploaded yesterday to ctan), your example looks like this: \documentclass[landscape]{memoir} \usepackage{fontspec,polyglossia,url} \newfontfamily{\burmeseFamily} {NotoSerifMyanmar-Regular.ttf}[Renderer=Harfbuzz,Script=Myanmar] \begin{document} \...

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