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{ledmac} is a package for typesetting scholarly critical editions.

The ledmac package, together with LaTeX, provides several important facilities for formatting critical editions of texts in a traditional manner. Major features include:

  • automatic stepped line numbering, by page or by section;
  • sub-lineation within the main series of line numbers;
  • variant readings automatically keyed to line numbers;
  • caters for both prose and verse;
  • multiple series of footnotes and endnotes;
  • block or columnar formatting of footnotes;
  • simple tabular material may be line numbered;
  • indexing keyed to page and line numbers.

ledmac allows the scholar engaged in preparing a critical edition to focus attention wholly on the task of creating the critical text and evaluating the variant readings, text-critical notes and testimonia. LaTeX and ledmac will take care of the formatting and visual correlation of all the disparate types of information.

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